Marketing from Inside-Out

              I am always excited when I get to write about marketing and its aspects from my very experiences and perspectives. Marketing has many faces and all of them have their roles to play in the business world. Personally, there is one marketing concept I am the most interesting in and that is “Internal Marketing”. In short, internal marketing is the promotion of a company’s visions, goals, etc. within the organization. Furthermore, internal marketing is helping to build brand awareness and establish valid foundations for its expansion. Nowadays, with the situation we are going through, more and more companies are adopting this process to create a bubble of brand security between the organization itself and its customers. So, why internal marketing is important in the short- and long-term business growth and development?

            Nothing else has such high importance when linking external and internal marketing than starting from the internal communications. When a message or a value proposition is marketed externally, then the same message needs to be passed on to the staff within otherwise it leads to huge misunderstandings on the company’s integrity and brand confusion. Also, I have seen that many companies have misjudged that it is their product or service that creates value between the two. While this statement is correct in some way, the actual engaging and emotionally evocative value creation can be achieved only by creating the brand first from the inside. Companies need to look at their employees as the people that are working with them and not for them. They need to look at them as a source of customer understanding and as brand advocates. Only then the link can be strengthened, and true branding creation can be made.

             Another important thing to consider is how message communication can be done successfully without any misleads. The answer to that is through storytelling marketing. There is no greater tool to communicate with your audience than stories. Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to breathe life into your brand and, stories are captivating for a reason. We are mostly drawn and learned by our life experiences, the journeys we embark upon, and then when we get the opportunity to unleash them, we evoke such emotions that with no other “tool” can be done. Storytelling marketing can create personal connections not only to your customers but also to your employees. When an employee sees and feels the vision and the story behind the company, he tends to react to it in the most positive way possible.

            Equally important to the previous points mentioned is that internal marketing is the most successful way to increase productivity inside the organization. When an employee has understood and personally connected with the company, he tries his best to achieve the best possible outcome for him and his workplace. In my opinion, you need to also give them the understanding that, they do not work for you, they work with you. People inside an organization need to be treated equally for them to feel welcomed and connected with the managerial sector. Besides, including the employees in the company’s vision and mission, increases their engagement thus, making them more productive. In addition, internal marketing increases productivity by making people feel they are part of a team that is brainstorming and working to reach the desired outcome.

            In conclusion, I believe the three points mentioned in the previous paragraphs answer the question that was set in the beginning. The link between internal and external marketing communications is vital for an organization to avoid any confusion and negative thoughts on the brand. Moreover, we give the audience value and brand connection by correctly communicating it through the means of storytelling. Emotion, authenticity, and engagement. That’s what storytelling is. Additionally, productivity can be achieved through either with the previous points mentioned above or by itself with the inclusion of the employees to the company’s activities. If a company is struggling to grow and develop, maybe looking to build the foundations internally is the way of achieving ultimate growth and development.


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