Leading on purpose

I cannot be more excited about the topics and the deeper meaning of human resources and employee experience. However, the time I got myself involved in this subject is the time that turned the world upside down. The pandemic changed, shaped, and revised all the operations of an organization throughout. What I believe that theContinue reading “Leading on purpose”

Marketing from Inside-Out

              I am always excited when I get to write about marketing and its aspects from my very experiences and perspectives. Marketing has many faces and all of them have their roles to play in the business world. Personally, there is one marketing concept I am the most interesting in and that is “Internal Marketing”.Continue reading “Marketing from Inside-Out”

How important is Planning in Business and in Life?

To simplify, I will put it like this: Imagine yourself living with no strategy, ambitions, goals to achieve, and missions to complete. You will be a human being without a soul! Storytime: I was like this with no goals or unrealistic ones without a strategy or again if I had it must have been unclear.Continue reading “How important is Planning in Business and in Life?”