An introvert at full throttle

A tribute to Gary Vaynerchuck

The moment I am writing this I am in an airport hotel listening to some lofi beats and waiting for my flight’s timetable to be set in action. I am flying to see my family that I haven’t seen for two years amidst these difficult times we are going through, and I am very excited. With me, I have my fiancé with whom we’ve been together for 10 years and she is the love of my life! I moved to another country in search to find myself, growing as a person and finding a career in which I would not have to call it “a job” never again. Amongst also other things, I am taking the courage to write this letter to you since as an introvert (hence, the title) I have it easy with the written word.

            I found your videos when I started looking for marketing in the educational aspect of it because when I moved, I started studying in a university for a degree in BA. From that moment your content became my bible and whenever I need anything I jump on to your videos, which I am relating to almost all of them. I have always been the guy that let everybody step on to, that said “yes”, that worked hard to satisfy everybody else regardless of what I felt, that didn’t have an opinion of my own, that have shut everybody out because I was disappointed by them when actually I was disappointed in myself and all that eventually led to a downward spiral. But I decided to step up, leave the toxic environment and the community I was living in, and I must admit my family did not know anything about my situation (especially my father who more specifically did not know what was good for me) so I left them also behind. My spouse followed me all the way because she was also in a similar situation. I must say here I was 24 when I left which I thought I was late for these kinds of decisions until I consumed your content.

I have to confess that I went to study because I didn’t know well other means of education (that is probably a lie) and as it turns out I am very good at it not because I study too much because I try to see the world through your eyes, which is the actual world. Your content changed my perspective on many things and gave me the confidence to stand up and stand out from the masses, speak (or write) the truth, and trust people again. When I read about the Sorcerer token, I thought that it would be my greatest opportunity to write to you Gary and now that I’ve reached the ending, I realized that the hour that has passed writing this I was feeling the more comfortable and in love with it. So, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my everything and tell you that this token (if won) will not go in vain and even if I am not the one, I already feel privileged writing to you.

P.S. Keep showing the world how they must treat themselves and each other!


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