Leading on purpose

I cannot be more excited about the topics and the deeper meaning of human resources and employee experience. However, the time I got myself involved in this subject is the time that turned the world upside down. The pandemic changed, shaped, and revised all the operations of an organization throughout. What I believe that theContinue reading “Leading on purpose”

Summary of an interview with a Marketing Specialist

Question 1: “When you as a company set off to design a marketing strategy for a client what are your main principles and where do you set focus at first” First and foremost, communication and goal setting between us and the customer is our key activity. We cannot talk further on the implementation if weContinue reading “Summary of an interview with a Marketing Specialist”

Keep on Learning. New Completion certificate

Winston Churchill said “I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught”. That quote describes me right to the point, however, I do get inspired by the people that taught me things and especially things that interest me. I recently completed my first copywriting course that was enormously helpful andContinue reading “Keep on Learning. New Completion certificate”


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