The $1 Rule

Recently I came across a very enlightening video, which it came down to this quote “If you don’t do something for one dollar then don’t do it for even a thousand dollars” which at first stunned me. My mind started flashback at all those jobs or things I did because they were paying right and I freaked out.
I should have done things that fulfilled me and not having cared if they give something back as an exchange. That’s something we all need to consider when we are living, in order to have a life that fills us with emotions, happiness and calmness.
I mean it makes sense right?! Why would you do something that pays you back a thousand and you wouldn’t do it for the slimmest of money?
But, if you reading this and you are on the other side, please don’t get discouraged. We all did something for sometime that we didn’t like but we did it despite our liking! In my opinion and in my experience to find yourself doing something that you really really like you must learn to respect it by doing something you don’t like at first.
If you don’t hit rock bottom and then build the foundation you need and then reach the peak of your emotions, you won’t savor the greatness of yours. In the end, it’s all about us and nobody else. To get through the rock bottom mentioned before, we need to stay focused on our goals and dreams.
Keep strong that willingness to shine and the path to a better  place will show up for itself. Well, there is gonna be always obstacles on your way, just remember the reason you started dreaming! Remember the promise you made to your self! Success comes with hard work:

“It’s not about the destination, it’s all about the journey”

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