Is "Friendship" over-rated?

A lot of time has passed since my last interaction with the blog but, I came across a really interesting conversation between a couple who are 9 years together since high-school and as a couple they spent a lot of time together after work, doing activities and stuff.

A little history about the couple: as I wrote before they are together since school, they are about the same age and they have pretty much similar interests. They moved out from their birth country after living there 25 years, to start a new life which it will be their own and only their own. So far so good as they say, they keep on moving forward. We merely discussed about why this decision to leave from the safeness and their comfort zone to something unknown and challenging for their young age.

We talked a lot, but what struck me was that the guy told this phrase “I believe that friendship as an general idea and concept is over-rated”. He stated the simplest of thoughts “Can someone TRULY close to you be happy 100% for YOUR success? Jealousy is not part of the equation. You get jealous, you lose”. I believe also that jealousy is the main reason for a friendships downfall. If you can’t or won’t be happy for your friend then why be with him at all?! I want to state here that we are talking about close friendships and no just regular friends.

True close friends are hard to find.

It’s no that different than relationships, you also need to build a foundation and start building by sharing “bricks of” experiences, thoughts and bad moments, a friend through the high and the lows! I’ve seen myself but never experienced the true closeness of friendship! But, now over years the same persons that I’ve known to be close friends are now not close anymore and it really got me thinking “Were they truly friends after all? ” because I think that close friendship is eternal, nothing can break it!

And, to get back to my starting point of this discussion, did they really were close friends and if so, did at some point one of them were jealous and he didn’t really care living that closeness? I myself am very committed and I just can’t seem to get why serious friendships are broken and that’s were I think to myself that friendship is ultimately over-rated. On my discussion with the couple, we summarized that of course there are friendships that last but they are the minority and one to thousand chances to have one.

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