A Smile Goes a Long Way

        You definitely have heard about smiling and all the benefits it has considering our mental health and also that we always look good when we are smiling. Try to imagine for just a second your worst day (when everything is really messed up), then add a moment when you are smiling for something funny you heard or when you look back to something funny you experienced or a funny moment with your friends seating in a table having a laugh. Or even when you try to cheer yourself up with a smile. Then this standalone moment, this precious moment, will be your relief of that worst day you are having.
Everything else will just have to be erased from that day and stick to that moment when you gave yourself a break ,to have a laugh, to understand that everything is just moments in life and we should keep only the ones that makes us happy and learn from the bad ones to emerge stronger mentally and keeping ourselves intact!

        A smile goes a long way, a phrase you will hear also in the business world. It never hurt anybody to smile or to smile to others. There is nothing more satisfying to pass your positiveness to others with only just a smile and a simple gesture.This will also fill your happiness bar and prolong your life scientifically approved.
Even though we are not a morning person or we had a bad sleep and we woke up on the wrong side of the bed or we had a a really long hard day and before we go home we stop at a grocery store to buy some stuff, we can easily make up our day AND also the cashier’s, who’s still working and he has a few hours left before he can go to his home and relax from a very long day. So why wouldn’t we flash a smile for the common good.
Next time consider that when you are feeling down and you will see yourself growing as a better person and start making people happier and more positive and all that with only just a SMILE.

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