Leading interpersonal culture superpower

There is a saying that has always stuck with me throughout my life from the moment I saw it back then when I was in high school. The saying was something along the lines of “be the change you want to see in the world” and I knew from that moment, I wanted to changeContinue reading “Leading interpersonal culture superpower”

Praise + Criticize = The same

Giving praise is something sought by nearly everyone these days. Looking for outside affirmation is the reason or excuse we use to do things and expect something in return. I have been on both sides; I have given praise to someone, and I have received many from my recent managers. When I was giving outContinue reading “Praise + Criticize = The same”

One step back-two steps forward

If only I would have known sooner that playing the long game is what actually matters, I would… probably be in a better place. But this way of thinking is what got me to feel bad, that feeling of regret and thinking of the past or the possible futures. I mean it is ok toContinue reading “One step back-two steps forward”

The Year That Changed my Life. The Beauty of Pivoting

Oh, my what a year this has been. I was researching a bit about: what happened in 2020? I was searching for a recap of this year and while I was reading through it, I realized how bad a situation the world and its people are in. To be honest, this year I was driftedContinue reading “The Year That Changed my Life. The Beauty of Pivoting”

Complications for students in corona time

Oxford Language dictionary defines “complication” as “a thing that is hard to accomplish, deal with, or understand” and in my personal humble opinion it certainly summarizes my post. But, let’s take it back a little bit… January 2020 I applied for a Bachelor degree program in a university of applied sciences here in Finland inContinue reading “Complications for students in corona time”

Some thoughts on Entrepreneurship

After two lectures this week both referencing on entrepreneurship, it gave me the idea that it is something huge and a great deal to start with. Understanding the meaning of entrepreneurship is difficult. The idea though to start something that is your own and gives you the flexibility and the freedom to move around withoutContinue reading “Some thoughts on Entrepreneurship”

Is "Friendship" over-rated?

A lot of time has passed since my last interaction with the blog but, I came across a really interesting conversation between a couple who are 9 years together since high-school and as a couple they spent a lot of time together after work, doing activities and stuff. A little history about the couple: asContinue reading “Is "Friendship" over-rated?”

Taking the first step

Have you ever felt that life is just slipping away from you and that everything just feeling numb nowadays? Losing interest in anything and everything? Is panic showing up too? CALM DOWN! Read the next lines carefully and don’t forget to use the simple calming solution of breathing in and breathing out. Start focusing on theContinue reading “Taking the first step”