One step back-two steps forward

If only I would have known sooner that playing the long game is what actually matters, I would… probably be in a better place. But this way of thinking is what got me to feel bad, that feeling of regret and thinking of the past or the possible futures. I mean it is ok to anticipate and to plan ahead but not thinking what could have been.

I was asked by a young kid when I was giving an informative speech about me moving to another country and how did I cope with it and all that, he asked “did you regret something you did?”. It stunned me because my mind flashed with all the memories and where I am today, I would not change a thing for the simplest reason, that I surely want everything I have right now as it is. That question led me to realize that I have everything I need, in the moment, love, health, financial steadiness etc.

              The thing is that, when I decided to leave home and move to Finland, I was thinking all the possibilities, the development of oneself and the independence and stepping out of the comfort zone which is why I did it and now I am ready to step again outside of the comfort zone ones more. In two years after I made the initial movement to leave the comfort zone, I am now ready to move on again or at least I think I am.

I am a man of planning and laying down the blueprint before I do something, but I also love the unknown because I value what I have right now so much and by realizing that I have no other choice since the “unknown” is there no matter what. Let me explain that, when I lived in Greece, I had a steady job although it was stressful, parents, security, house, and all that comes with comfortability and I didn’t have anything unknown in front of me, the path was already laid down for the rest of my life.

I did not like that at all, it was the worst-case scenario of living for me, how can somebody evolve as a human being if he stays at the consistent of comfortability all his life; an important variable for me.

              So, taking a step back for you to take two steps forward in the long-term is always the go-to method. Quick solutions and fast-paced actions last only for so long and its immediate response will wear up quickly. The smartest approach to achieving greatness and success is eating shit in the beginning while playing the long-term game to rub your success only later in everybody’s face and seeing you rise! Thinking of this I can only imagine what the feeling feels like and that puts a smile on my face. I am determined to play the long-term game in my own way.

Everyone has their own way to reach ultimate success make sure which one is it and go for it!


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