The Year That Changed my Life. The Beauty of Pivoting

Oh, my what a year this has been. I was researching a bit about: what happened in 2020? I was searching for a recap of this year and while I was reading through it, I realized how bad a situation the world and its people are in. To be honest, this year I was drifted away by my problems and how I was coping with them so that did not give me to read or watch the news around the globe as a result, not seeing what was happening. The only thing that hit me and EVERYONE else this year was and is the pandemic. But I am not going to bother you in this blog on how it f*** up everything. This article aims to give you a different perspective on things when everything else seems lost and to give you courage for the rest because we are not there yet, not even close.

What we learned for sure and what we must acknowledge is that: We shall not take ANYTHING for granted. I have always been that kind of person that said “Humans are always in search for the things they do not possess” which is good do not get me wrong but, most forget the things they already have and the people they have close to them. The pandemic reminded us of this, and I will point one thing out of many, and that is human relations and interactions. As much as technology has been evolved and made our lives easier and helped to overcome even the worst of situations it cannot replace the “old-fashioned or old normal”. How businesses and money circled around the pandemic so the world will not reach a halt is not as important as how some lost the everyday intimacy with the people they love and their families. Millions of people and counting have died from the situation and many were disturbed by the sickness and the feeling of isolation.

Currently, I am miles away from my place of birth, somewhat a stranger in another country living with my girlfriend who also left everything and everyone back home. After a year we started calling this place “home”. Struggling right now with the situation traveling is now, we started pivoting into other forms of trips so that we can fool ourselves into entering traveling mode. That is a small example of how you need to find the right pivot for you to help you overcome what is happening now. This will give you a different look at things and make you more creative thus, entering this new era of living stronger emotionally than you have ever been. Pivoting is also one of the good habits you need to adopt for you to take action. It is one of the most creative measures you can do to overcome any problems coming your way.

With all that is happening right now although, we must fight laziness. This pandemic’s characteristics require us to stay home A LOT and that makes us lazy. Again, finding the pivoting point will be your escape plan from this situation. I have been hearing from the news that the businesses that were created this year were twice as many as the previous year. Turns out people have found their pivoting point to turn this situation into their advantage. Some of the greatest businesses in the world were created because something went wrong and they had to pivot their direction instead of closing down, that applies in life too. So, start working little by little, doesn’t have to be something only just to make money but something you love doing, there would be no other reason in doing it.

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