Some thoughts on Entrepreneurship

After two lectures this week both referencing on entrepreneurship, it gave me the idea that it is something huge and a great deal to start with. Understanding the meaning of entrepreneurship is difficult.

The idea though to start something that is your own and gives you the flexibility and the freedom to move around without having to give anyone reports is intriguing. When I started researching a bit more, I found out that there are more pros than cons. Sure, there are a lot of obstacles that may fall before you and you need to think about the future before every step but those are part of this meaning. The freedom of movement will give you time and with the right time management skills you will be able to cope with a lot of work that will surely be in your way.

Regarding freedom, if the object of your new start-up allows it you can also do remote work. Working from anywhere you like is the future. Remote work in our days is key to keep a business running, to have the products/services on track and running and still making profit even if you are not in your natural place. Also, something that will also keep you motivated is that you get to be the boss of you. You get to decide everything and anything in ways you want, and you think is better for your start-up and with that in mind you get to work for you and nobody else anymore. How to make money should always be in our mind when we want to start-up a new business.

If you drive it to success you will make more money than your standard job as an employee of someone else. But first there are some skill you need to acquire before and during the process of entrepreneurship. Most important of all is passion. You need to have passion for the business idea, passion for the work and the journey you are about to embark and having passion results in motivation.

Another thing is creativity, the ability to make your product or service unique to stand out from the competition and not be afraid to get competitive. In addition, you need to be open-minded for other people’s opinion and ideas and how to apply those ideas in your business. With all that you must be persistent and not to be afraid to fail because that is how you will learn how to better at what you do.

Lastly, for the question if I could be an entrepreneur, is that I’m unsure right now because I’m missing the most important and that is passion.

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