Taking the first step

Have you ever felt that life is just slipping away from you and that everything just feeling numb nowadays? Losing interest in anything and everything? Is panic showing up too? CALM DOWN! Read the next lines carefully and don’t forget to use the simple calming solution of breathing in and breathing out. Start focusing on the opposite things of that, that makes you feeling happy,the things that simply  make you smile! Start also by writing down one by one the jobs or obligations you might have. No-no, not the things you have to do to others or for others but the jobs and obligations you have to yourself. It’s always a nice thing to do, to help others with anything the might want but we sometimes get sucked into that situation and we start feeling that we always need to satisfy people and all those around us. Do that for too long and you will start feeling depressed. I’ve been there, for TOO long. When you are brave enough to realize that and you start saying NO for a change then you will turn out as the bad guy to everyone even at those who where a little bit more close to you all this time. You have to remember that the human being is a greedy thing and the things we want the most is the things we don’t own or possess and people sometimes will try to take from you something that they don’t have and take advantage of it. Think about it. Don’t let them be in charge of your life. You and only you are the decider and as a result the critic of your actions. Achieve that and you will have taken the first step to a life suited better to your personality and of course to happiness! Start living 😀

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